Regular meeting of the Dodge County Board of Supervisors, Wednesday, August 31, 2016 at 9:00 A.M., Third Floor, Courthouse, Fremont, Nebraska


1.            Call to Order at 9:00 A.M. - Roll Call


2.             Legality of meeting


3.            Approval of agenda


4.             Approval of minutes of the August 17, 2016 meeting 4.pdf


5.            Recess as a Board of Supervisors


6.            At  9:05 A.M., convene as a Board of Corrections


7.            Any items of discussion


8.            Adjournment of Board of Corrections until Wednesday, September 14, 2016 at 9:05 A.M.


9.            Reconvene as a Board of Supervisors


10.         Approval of wage and hour claims


11.         Approval of financial claims


12.         Receipt of correspondence from Time Warner Cable regarding programming changes 12.pdf


13.         Receipt of information from County Treasurer Dill on tax collections and Recovery Statistics Report of Credit Bureau Services 13.pdf


14.         Receipt of Summit Grove 5th Annual Report from Summit Grove Preservation Group, North Bend, Nebraska 14.pdf


15.         Consideration of the adoption of a Resolution amending the duration of the Interlocal Agreement with ENHSA (Eastern Nebraska Human Services Agency) continuing the agreement until June 30, 2035 and possible action 15.pdf


16.         Any business brought by the public or discussion from the public?


17.         Any emergency item to the Agenda?


18.         Committee Reports


19.         Consideration of letter from Robert D. & Gilberta Yater of Fremont, Nebraska requesting a refund of a portion of their 2014 taxes, due to not having a basement in their home and possible action 19.pdf


20.         Consideration/possible action removing items from the inventory that were missing in County Assessor’s office prior to County Assessor Churchill taking office 20.pdf


21.         Jean Andrews, Zoning Administrator

a)            Receipt of correspondence from NDEQ (Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality) regarding

i)             Modified Phased Construction & Operating Permit issued to Brad Ferguson, Ferguson Pork Production 21ai.pdf

ii)            Patty Mohr acreage concerning a septic system that has not been registered 21aii.pdf

b)            Receipt of notice of public hearing of Douglas County Planning Commission for September 14, 2016 at 6:00 p.m. on proposed zoning regulation text amendment 21b.pdf

c)            Consideration of the appointment/reappointment of member to the Dodge County Board of Adjustment to a 3-year term and possible action (Larry Ruzicka currently holds this position) 21c.pdf


22.         Alan Doll, Highway Superintendent

a)            Consideration of the request of Highway Superintendent Doll adopting and authorizing the Chairman to sign a Resolution thru Caterpillar to lease a new 257D Multi-Terrain Skid Loader and possible action 22a.pdf

b)            Tabled item – consideration of the request of Highway Superintendent Doll to purchase a 2016 Caterpillar 12M3 Motor Grader off State of Nebraska bid document and possible action 22b.pdf

c)            Receipt of two Utility Installation Agreements for Century Link to install fiber optic telephone line between W. Military Avenue and Summer Haven Drive on Ridge Road Section 15/22, Township 17 North, Range 8 East and County Road 26 & Hwy 275 on County Road U, Section 17, Township 17 North, Range 9 East 22c.pdf


23.         Budget items

a)            Receipt of Certification of Taxable Value and Value Attributable to Growth for Dodge County for tax year 2016 23a.pdf

b)            Consideration of finalizing the 2016/2017 County Budget for public hearing set for September 14th at 9:15 A.M. and possible action*


24.         Recess as a Board of Supervisors


25.         At 10:00 A.M., convene as a Board of Equalization


26.         Consideration/possible action on tax roll corrections*


27.         Consideration/possible action instructing the County Clerk to publish in the month of September a list of 2016 Dodge County Permissive Exemptions & Cemeteries pursuant to 77-202.03(5) 27.pdf


28.         Receipt of form 457, Application for Exemption, from St. Patrick’s Catholic Church of Fremont, Nebraska on a 2006 Pace American 2-wheel trailer and possible action 28.pdf


29.         Receipt of letter from Kathy Spicer requesting reconsideration of their 2016 Homestead Exemption* 29.pdf

a)            At 10:05 A.M., hearing of exemption

b)            Possible action


30.         Adjournment of Board of Equalization until 10:00 A.M. on Wednesday, September 14, 2016


31.         Reconvene as a Board of Supervisors


32.         Any additional items to the agenda


33.         Adjournment of Board of Supervisors until Wednesday, September 14, 2016 at 9:00 A.M.
























*copies in board room or county clerk’s office