Regular meeting of the Dodge County Board of Supervisors, Wednesday, September 17, 2014 at 9:00 A.M., Third Floor, Courthouse, Fremont, Nebraska


1.             Call to Order at 9:00 A.M. - Roll Call


2.             Legality of meeting


3.             Approval of agenda


4.             Approval of minutes of the September 3, 2014 meeting 4.pdf


5.             Recess as a Board of Supervisors


6.             At  9:05 A.M., convene as a Board of Corrections


7.             Any items of discussion


8.             Adjournment of Board of Corrections until Wednesday, October 1, 2014 at 9:05 A.M.


9.             Reconvene as a Board of Supervisors


10.          Approval of wage and hour claims


11.          Approval of financial claims


12.          County Officials’ Reports

a)             County Clerk:  (August 2014) 12a.pdf

i)               Marriage Licenses                                  $390.00

ii)              Copies                                                   $306.50

iii)             Badge Applications                                  $40.00

iv)            Miscellaneous Filings                               $15.00

v)              Miscellaneous Fees                           $15,902.64

b)             Clerk of the District Court: (August 2014)        $3,838.15 12b.pdf

c)             Food Pantry Report: August 2014) 12c.pdf


13.          Receipt of correspondence from Time Warner Cable regarding programming 13.pdf


14.          Receipt of minutes of the Eastern Nebraska Human Services Agency and Region VI Governing Board meeting of August 13, 2014 and copy of their preliminary agenda for their September 17, 2014 meeting 14.pdf


15.          Receipt of Fremont Area Medical Center Board of Trustees Minutes of their July 28, 2014 meeting and financial statement for month ending July 201415.pdf


16.          Receipt of Countywide Cost Allocation Plan for fiscal year ending June 30, 2013 for use in fiscal year 2014/2015 from Sequoia Consulting Group of Henderson, Nebraska and consideration/possible action authorizing the Chairman to sign the certification of cost allocation plan and the County Clerk to apply for reimbursement for both direct and indirect costs* 16.pdf


17.          Receipt of list from County Treasurer Dill of distress warrants issued on personal property but not collected 17.pdf


18.          Receipt of list of delinquent personal taxes for the years of 2006 through 2011 from County Treasurer Dill and consideration/possible action on striking them from the tax rolls 18.pdf


19.          Budget Matters

a)             At 9:15 A.M., Public Hearing on the proposed 2014/2015 County Budget* 19a.pdf

i)               Receipt of testimony for and/or against the proposed budget

a)             Consideration of any amendments to the proposed budget

b)             Consideration of action regarding surpassing state lids to the County Budget

c)             Possible approval of 2.5% plus growth in excess of 2.5% of restricted funds for carryover to the 2015/2016 County Budget

d)             Possible approval of an additional 1% of restricted funds requiring a super majority vote

e)             Possible adoption of Resolution approving the 2014/2015 County Budget 19aie.pdf

ii)              Consideration/possible adoption of Resolution on transfers as outlined in the 2014/2015 County Budget 19aii.pdf

b)                             At 9:20 A.M., Public Hearing on the proposed setting of Dodge County’s tax request for fiscal year July 1, 2014 thru June 30, 2015

i)                                Testimony for and/or against the proposed tax request

ii)              Possible action on adopting Resolution setting Dodge County’s tax request 19bi.pdf


20.          Consideration/possible action on the appointment or reappointment of two members to the Three Rivers Public Board of Directors to a three-year term, expiring August 31, 2017 (currently held by Mary Le Arneal as Dodge County’s Public Spirited Citizen and Ryan Bojanski)


21.          Jean Andrews, Zoning Administrator

a)             Receipt of correspondence from NDEQ (Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality) regarding NPDES General Permit that has been issued for Weitzenkamp Farms, Inc. Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation 21a.pdf


22.          Alan Doll, Highway Superintendent

a)             Receipt of Certificate of Insurance for M.E. Collins Contracting Company, Inc. of Wahoo, Nebraska 22a.pdf

b)             Receipt of Moving Permits of

i)               Lyman-Richey Sand & Gravel to move an excavator over Dodge County Road T 22bi.pdf

ii)              Lyman-Richey Sand & Gravel to move an excavator back over Dodge County T 22bii.pdf

iii)             Lyman-Richey Sand & Gravel to move an excavator over Dodge County Road T 22biii.pdf

c)             Consideration of Standard Form of Agreement between Dodge County and Davis Design, Inc. Architecture, Engineering and Interior Design for the Dodge County Highway Department Maintenance Building and possible action 22c.pdf

d)             Receipt of Dodge County Highway Department 3rd Quarter Safety Committee Meeting Minutes of September 11, 2014 22d.pdf


23.          Any business brought by the public or discussion from the public?


24.          Any emergency item to the Agenda?


25.          Committee Reports


26.          Recess as a Board of Supervisors


27.          At 10:00 A.M., convene as a Board of Equalization


28.          Tax roll corrections*


29.          Consideration/possible action on 2014 Notice of Valuation Change on parcel #270113148, Roger L. Jorgensen 29.pdf


30.          Consideration/possible action on 2014 Personal Property & Penalty Protests of

a)             Shreeji Krupa Corp. of Fremont, Nebraska 30a.pdf

b)             Marsha Hull for Hull Concrete Design of Fremont, Nebraska 30b.pdf


31.          Consideration of going into closed session to discuss TERC (Tax Equalization & Review Commission) appeals

a)             Consideration of going back into open session

b)             Possible action if needed on any appeal


32.          Receipt of Notices of Appeals from the TERC (Tax Equalization & Review Commission) of

a)             Don L. Clarke, case no. 14A 081 (protest #85) 32a.pdf

b)             Lyman-Richey Corporation, case no. 14A 089 (protest #90) 32b.pdf

c)             Don L. Clarke, case no. 14A 082 (protest #86) 32c.pdf

d)             Don L. Clarke, case no. 14A 083 (protest #87) 32d.pdf

e)             Don L. Clarke, case no. 14A 084 (protest #88) 32e.pdf

f)              Don L. Clarke, case no. 14A 085 (protest #89) 32f.pdf

g)             Proctor, LLC, case no. 14C 128 (protest #77) 32g.pdf


33.          Adjournment of Board of Equalization until 10:00 A.M. on Wednesday, October 1, 2014


34.          Reconvene as a Board of Supervisors


35.          Any additional items to the agenda


36.          Adjournment of Board of Supervisors until Wednesday, October 1, 2014 at 9:00 A.M.






































* copies in board room or county clerk’s office